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Sometimes, you can be unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe, through no fault of your own, you have been physically or mentally injured in the course of a crime being committed. Your injuries may have required treatment, maybe even rehabilitation. You may have experienced trauma and you may have ongoing pain and suffering because of your ordeal.

It is not fair that you should have to bear the cost of the injuries in addition to everything that you have gone through. There may be medical expenses, time off work and you may need to recuperate from ongoing distress. The cost can really add up. And chances are that even if the person who committed the crime is caught, there is probably no likelihood of getting any compensation out of them.

Straits Lawyers assist victims in making a claim for compensation under the Victims of Crime scheme. The Victims of Crime scheme in South Australia compensates people who are injured by a crime. This can include but is not limited to a person who is physically or sexually assaulted, robbed or a victim of home invasion. The scheme gives consideration to physical and psychological injuries as well as financial loss but not for property loss or damage as a result of a crime.


Processes – Eligibility and Impact

During your first meeting with us, we will discuss the details of the event/injuries and your eligibility under the relevant legislation before we commence your claim (if eligible). What this means is we will contact the Crown Solicitor’s Office and advise them of details pertaining to the offending which allows them to obtain the relevant information from Police and/or the Courts.

Once the Crown has received all the relevant documentation from SAPOL and/or the Courts, they are able to determine your eligibility and decide whether to accept or decline your application.

Below are some examples of evidence that may be required to support your application:
• Medical reports;
• Hospital records;
• School or study records;
• Tax records;
• Photographs.

It is important to obtain all relevant evidence and documentation to ensure the Crown are able to assess your claim adequately.

If you have been physically or psychologically injured by a violent crime or sexually abused, you could be entitled to compensation. Straits Lawyers are now offering services in English and Chinese. Simply email us at or call at 08 8410 9069 to arrange an appointment.

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Note: This is a free service and there are no costs to victims of crime


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