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With the ongoing complexities in the international sphere from COVID-19 and diplomatic antagonism, Australia’s agriculture industry has been hit hard with the reduction of exports that provided necessary income to workers, growers, farmers, and businesses in the sector. As of March 2021, the Export Control Act 2020 (cth) containing the Export Control Rules come into effect and set out regulations for exports based on their category (e.g. Fish, Meat and Plant products).

The rules aim to standardise and align the processes and regulations for the exporting of agricultural products domestically and internationally. Ideally these measures will help to integrate Australian exports into foreign markets, more seamlessly, helping to promote Australian exports.

For both producer-exporters and specialised exporting businesses, it is important to understand the regulations for the sector of goods that you are involved in exporting. Growers and farmers can help exporters by ensuring their produce is aligned with the regulations.

The Export Rules outline:

  • Where goods can be exported and prepared
  • Permits on exported goods
  • Approval for the goods to be transported via bulk vessel
  • Phytosanitary certificates
  • Official marks to be used on exports including size and style
  • Other operational regulations

By adhering to certain regulations, producers and exporters can maximise their export profits in ensuring their goods can be transported via bulk vessel and comply with the standards of the importing countries.

We can assist with the compliance and advice relating the new rules and how agribusinesses can best implement them to maximise their returns. Through the building of strategic partnerships, we can also assist in the securing of export pathways and negotiate on your behalf.

If you are in the agricultural industry, we offer specialised agribusinesses advisory services to help producers and exporters. If you require advice on the new Export Rules, Straits Lawyers are here to help. We are now offering online services in both English and Chinese.

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