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There are multiple ways to protect intellectual property that cover everything from simple names of businesses through to complex patents on medical processes. These help to secure and provide value to property that would otherwise be transferred and used to benefit others without recognition.

Recently, Chinese Technology Company, “Xiaomi” is an example of a business whose intellectual property is of paramount importance, bosting to have over 19,000 patents world-wide. On the 7th of April 2021, founder Lei Jun announced specifications for their first electric car. They have applied for trademarks, ‘MiCar’, ‘Xiaomi Travel’ and ‘Xiaomi Internet of Vehicles.’



In Australia, Trademarks specifically protect brand identifiers such as logos, words, letters, colours, or even sounds and phrases with the international trademark system known as the Madrid system. They are different to patents, copyrights and registered designs which are other protectable intellectual property.

Whilst Xiaomi are protecting their processes and designs for their upcoming electric vehicle through patents, the logos and names are all protected trademarks.

Trademarking prevents other businesses within your class of goods or service providing from using your names, logos, and other identifiers in the course of their trade. This protects from market competitors trying to align themselves with a more well-known brand or consumers getting confused between different businesses all with similar names and logos. With a registered trademark, cease and desist letters and records of demands are all enforceable tools to prevent other businesses from using these trademarks. Further, trademarks are a registered legal right over the property and aid in legal action. The value of these trademarks and recognition they provide is immense prompting businesses to protect their intellectual property.


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