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There are occasions where children are substantially cared for by grandparents, relatives, or other legal guardians when their own parent are unable to look after them. In these circumstances, the carer may be entitled to child support from the parents of the children.

To receive child support as a non-parent carer, you must apply for a child support assessment. You can only apply for this assessment if you are not in a domestic relationship with either of the child’s parents, and reach the threshold for percentage of care.

You should apply to receive child support payments from both parents unless one of the parents:

  • Is not a resident of Australia or an overseas country Australia has a child support arrangement with
  • Is deceased, or whose identity is unknown
  • Has other special circumstances

In the assessment of how much child support you are entitled to, the income of both parents and the percentage of your care of the child will be considered. Your income will not be taken into account when making this assessment.

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