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It is understandable and normal for conflicts and quarrels to occur between partners. With the current order to stay home to control the Covid- 19 global pandemic, even the smallest of tensions can be exacerbated. For most people, this will just mean that there is some disagreement between partners but for some, particularly those who are living in homes with an abuser, orders to stay home can be far more significant and dangerous.

In most instances, victims of domestic violence may be a victim of the abuse without even realising it. The victims would often try to come up with an explanation to defend and justify their partner’s aggression towards them – whether it was because of something the victim did, stress related to work, the children or just the fact that staying at home is driving their partner crazy.

We need to understand that anyone can be abusive. If what your partner did to you has made you felt intimidated, unacceptable, uneasy, afraid, angry and/or trapped, you may be a victim of an abuse. All these emotions are normal responses to abuse. You might blame yourself and the current circumstances for what is happening but being abusive is a choice and it’s not one that anyone should make. No matter what others might say and no matter why it happens, you are never responsible for your partner’s abusive actions. Abuse is not okay and it’s never justified.


If you are facing domestic violence, do not be afraid to seek help. Below are a few avenues and support lines you could contact:


SA Police

Police assistance and emergency response

P: 131 444 OR 000 in an emergency


Domestic Violence Crisis Line

Emergency Accommodation & After Hours Support

P: 1800 800 098


Child Abuse Report Line Report child abuse

P: 13 14 78



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