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If you have graduated from an Australian university and would like to apply for migration. You can apply for a temporary visa for the professional year. The 485 visa (commonly known as TR) is valid for up to 2 years, and may be available to certain graduates who meet the criteria.


The 485 visa is a short-term visa. It is mainly for graduates who have completed two years of studies in Australia and have not fulfil the requirement for the PR point test. The main purpose of this visa is to allow graduates to have enough time to score points in the time after graduation to meet the PR scoring requirements.


While holding a 485 visa, graduates can choose to work while studying or go on a graduation trip or even complete a career year.


There are no point requirements for 485 visa. However, there are some requirements for applicants. The graduate must be under 50 years of age and holding a valid visa such as a bridging visa or a valid student visa. Applicants who apply for a 485 visa must apply within six months of graduation.


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